Sunday, January 27, 2013

A name actually does make a difference.

Today doesn't seem to be going well, I made my family double french toast with cream cheese syrup mix.
I really need to get some Paleo bread because my heart cried like a bitch this morning. 

I have an idea of my own breakfast this morning : quail egg sweet potato egg nest, something along the lines of that. It will be awesome, so stay tuned and I know a lot of people ask how do I shred the sweet potato so thinly I will show you the shit I use.

Ok so my main objective of starting a blog is to get the damn message out to the masses, food is thy medicine fuckers. Well I told many of my followers on Instagram that once I reach 1, 000 I would start up a blog with recipes and tips and such. Well I should of started placing #PaleoThugLife on my pictures 800 new followers back, I have definitely increased my followers by at least 80 with the name alone.

Enough of this...I'm hungry time to cook..take a picture and eat it.